Fall 2020 Fragrance List

 Fragrance List
* = Our Best Selling Fragrances


Allspice Pumpkin Custard
Apples & Spice*
Bourbon Maple Sugar*
Butterscotch Brandy
By the Fireside (NEW)
Cafe Au Lait
Cherry Almond Buttercream*
Christmas in the Air (NEW)
Christmas Morning Coffee
Cinnamon Hazelnut Latte*
Citrus & Sage*
Citrus Grove
Cranberry Apple Crisp*
Crisp Cotton*
Farmer's Market*
Floral Story (Drizzle Melts & Jars ONLY)
Fresh-Cut Christmas Tree*
Fresh Strawberry (Drizzle Melts & Jars ONLY)
Frosted Cranberry & Sugared Vanilla
Harvest Spice*
Home for the Holidays*
Honey Soaked Apples*
Lavender & Lemongrass*
Lavender Spruce (NEW)
Leather (Drizzle Melts & Jars ONLY)
Luscious Lemon Vanilla*
Mistletoe Kiss
Mocha Marshmallow Swirl
Mountain Berry Parfait
Mulberry & Mandarin (Drizzle Melts ONLY)
Old Fashioned Christmas Cookie (NEW)
Olive Verbena (Drizzle Melts ONLY)
Peppermint Twist*
Pumpkin Caramel Drizzle*
Pumpkin Vanilla*
Red Currant (Drizzle Melts & Medium Timeless ONLY)
Roasted Espresso*
Rum Raisin Glaze
Sage & Lemon Balm (NEW)
Silver Spruce & Cedar Tips
Snowflakes at Midnight*
Southern Sweet Tea*
Sparkling Apple Cider
Spiced Orange & Cinnamon*
Spicy Cinnamon Hot Toddy
Summer Rain
Thai Pear
Vanilla Pound Cake*
Warm Cinnamon Buns*
Whiskey & Sweet Tobacco (Drizzle Melts ONLY)
White Peach & Clove*

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